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Verizon Wireless Deploying Help For Those Affected With Hurricane Sandy

AT&T and T-Mobile were generous enough to form an alliance to help their customers in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy by letting them roam on each others networks, but Verizon, whose network seemed to outlast a whole lot better than others throughout the storm, is offering up help as well. Verizon Wireless has gone ahead and deployed various Wireless Emergency Communication Centers to certain areas to help out with charging handsets. They also have on-site computers to help with communication if the need is there.

Not only that, but Verizon has also launched a bunch of Verizon Communication Stores on-wheels that will allow people affected by Sandy to make free phone calls to friends and family if the need is there as well. Verizon has also said that 96% of their network is up and running, even in some of the areas that were hit the hardest in the Northeast. Whatever the case, this will definitely be a huge PR boost for Verizon, and may even encourage customers to switch over to them. But, business aside, it is nice to see that Verizon has offered this. While AT&T and T-Mobile has helped out with roaming networks, I have to say that charging stations were probably what was most needed here.

source: Droid-Life

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