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US Attorney: DotCom Could Face More Legal Woes With Recreation of MegaUpload

Kim DotCom is putting himself into more legal troubles after the found of the defunct MegaUpload announced this week his plans to launch a new cloud storage services similar to his former site, the US Attorney said Thursday.

According to a report by CNET reporter Greg Sandoval, DotCom reportedly sworn under oath he would not try to restart or recreate his MegaUpload business.

U.S Attorney officials said recreation of another cloud storage services would lead to a possible violations of the terms of the bail, making DotCom open to for new charges.

DotCom and six others working for MegaUpload were arrested in an indictment case filed by the U.S Attorney, who considered MegaUpload as a criminal enterprise.

The U.S prosecutors asserted that DotCom and company wrongfully encouraged millions of internet users around the world to store pirated movies, songs, and other Internet media in MegaUpload’s Internet Locker, allowing them to earn millions of dollars through advertisement and premium subscriptions.

After his arrest, DotCom reportedly applied for bail and insisted he has no plans to reactivate his MegaUpload site or create a similar business in the future.

“There is no realistic prospect or possibility of restoring the business or recommencing the business having regard to both the seizure of the requisite servers and data storage equipment and to the seizure of all funds, monies and assets held both by Megaupload and by me personally… Until the merits of the US government’s charges against me and my co-defendants, as well as the company, have been determined there is no ability, let alone financial incentive available to me, to try to continue to operate the business as is alleged,” stated by DotCom.

However, DotCom’s latest announcement of his plan to recreate another cloud storage site prompted the U.S government to file for an extradition proceeding to bring DotCom under U.S custody.

Silicon Valley attorney Ira Rothken remains firm in his defense for DotCom and company.

“Any new technology business started from scratch such as does not appear to be addressed in the affidavit which was specific to Megaupload as the ‘business as is alleged.’ If bail conditions are implicated then approval of the New Zealand authorities will be sought by [DotCom’s] New Zealand counsel.”

“Kim DotCom is innocent, is presumed innocent, and is entitled to innovate and work in technology like any other innocent New Zealander. Indeed, may help stimulate further cloud storage innovation in New Zealand and the rest of the world and that should not be something the DOJ, if well intentioned, should complain about,” He added.

Via: Cnet

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