Twitter adds photo filters

Right from the day of the launch of Instagram, the service has been a hit. The company is seeing new users signing up every single day and hundreds of thousands of pictures being shared on a daily basis on the service. Instagram came up with this service when Facebook, Twitter, and Flicker were all featuring image sharing. But what made Instagram a hit? Well, the photo filters of course.

So, other services are now trying to replicate the same, with Twitter taking the lead. The New York Times says that Twitter users will be able “to share altered images on Twitter and bypass Instagram.” The newspaper quotes this from a source who is from within Twitter, but requested to be anonymous as they are not allowed to discuss unannounced projects. The newspaper writes, “The filters on Instagram make photos look like they were shot with 1960s Kodachrome or with 1890s sepia tone film.”

Instagram users extensively share their Instagram images on Twitter by tweeting a link to the image when they post the image to Instagram, which just does not make sense to so many people. So if Twitter allows you to upload photos (which it already does) and add filters to make these photos artistic, people crazy about sharing photos will no longer need to sign up for another account on Instagram, they can just use their Twitter account to share awesome images.

The micro blogging, social networking company is said to update its mobile applications very soon to incorporate these changes. But there is no definite time frame in which the company is expected to make the new feature public.

Twitter feels that V.I.T.’s or Very Important Tweeters, as they are known internally, would be happy to use this new feature. These V.I.T.’s are usually celebrities or media personalities, and right now use Instagram to take pictures and then share them on Twitter. Want more? Hit the source link.

Source: The New York Times

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