Top 3 Movies You Should Watch On Google Play

Google Play Movies is awesome. Aside from when I purchase a DVD, almost all of the movies I watch take place on my tablet through Google Play. For some reason, I often prefer watching movies on my 10′ Android tablet than on my 23′ monitor. I figured there were other people like me in that way, so I’ve thrown together a list of five movies that I have felt to be great on the tablet. The reason for this top 3 is that some movies really are just bad on the tablet. The audio sounds terrible, the image quality often feels half-baked and etc. That said, here are my top three movies to watch on Google Play that are top notch or at least near top notch in quality:

The Grey: If you’ve been looking for a movie that has excellent sound quality, look no further. The Grey has some of the best quality in terms of sound that I have seen on Google Play yet. The image quality isn’t that bad either. Just make sure that you have your screen brightness up all of the way. Despite it having a great image quality, some things are still rather hard to see due to it being one of the more “dark” movies out there. Regardless, it still performed excellent on my tablet.

The Last Legion: The Last Legion was great in terms of image quality. The sound quality wasn’t that bad, but it wasn’t that great. The movie was filmed a couple of years ago, so don’t expect image quality like you would see in Captain America or Iron Man 2. Now, I have had issues with sound quality before in movies. I have reported those issues to Google which seemed to be fixed in a short period of time. That said, the sound quality on The Last Legion could be fantastic right now. From my experience though, it was alright. You could hear the characters and sound effects, but it wasn’t that crisp.

Gladiator: For a movie released almost 12 years ago, I was surprised as to how well the sound and image quality was. All throughout the movie the image quality was consistent and so was the sound quality. Surprisingly, it was actually better than The Last Legion. Regardless, it still remains one of my favorite movies, but it did have some excellent quality factors on the tablet.

Now, keep in  mind that those last three movies were all watched in High Definition. That said, you may experience something different if you go with the regular standard edition. High definition, is of course, a bit more expensive to rent, but it is well worth it. I usually go for the High Definition if I’m wanting to watch an older movie anyway. That way I can get the best quality out of it possible. Regardless, the listed three movies are some movies that I recommend watching on your tablet and/or smartphone.

For some of these movies, you really have to hand it to Google for doing an excellent job with their movie software optimization.