Three Thanksgiving Games To Try On Your Android Device

If you’re really into mobile gaming and like playing all of the holiday games when they come out, there’s a few Thanksgiving-themed games that you might want to give a go. Whether you’re a parent looking for something for your child to play or if you’re just someone looking for a fun time, there’s a game in the list for you!

Thanksgiving GamesThis game is entirely for children. If you were looking for a free game for your child to play, this is a simple, educational and a fun game that they might just enjoy. There are a variety of mini-games available, including memory and connect the dot games. Everything is very child-friendly. Keep in mind that this app was intended for pre-schoolers, so your 6 or 7-year old child probably won’t enjoy these in particular.

Turkey Blast: Reloaded: Those of you that enjoy earning high scores and blasting away turkeys with a variety of different silly weapons and powerups will enjoy Turkey Blast. After every session you finish you will earn coins to unlock different weapons which will give you a different way to kill the turkeys. The controls are very easy to use too, just tilt your phone or tablet and touch to fire your weapon. One problem I ran into was the game having trouble installing on my device. According to the Google Play page, just unmount your SD card, try and install it again, then mount your SD card and move the app to SD storage. A bit of a hassle to do, but it fixes the issue.

Turkey Season: Turkey Season is an arcade-like game much like Turkey Blast: Reloaded. The difference between these two games is that Turkey Season is more focused on the hunting aspect of things rather than the comedy aspect of things. Turkey Season has a bit more of a variety of upgrades to choose from, but they aren’t as silly as what you will find in Turkey Blast: Reloaded. The only downside to Turkey Season is that your only weapon is a shotgun, so you don’t really have a variety to choose from. I would of thought there would have been at the very least different rifles and pistols to choose from, but there isn’t sadly. Regardless, Turkey Season is still a fun game. It won’t provide you hours of entertainment, but it’s still worth playing!

These games are all entirely free (with the exception of Turkey Season at $0.99), so you won’t be shelling out any money on them. I was quite surprised to see that Turkey Blast: Reloaded was a free game. It has a lot of good content and is 100x better than Turkey Season.

Surprisingly there weren’t a whole lot of Thanksgiving-themed games release this year (at least from what I could find) compared to last year. Hopefully we’ll be seeing some better games as Christmas gets closer and closer. I heard of a few that were in development, one of which was being made by an Irish development studio.

We’ll just have to see what comes of that though.