Theme Park For Android Review

Available On: Android, iOS

Price: Free, Micro-transactions

Download: Google Play | iTunes

This is almost a game that I wish didn’t exist. I downloaded in hopes of finding a good replacement for the legendary Rollercoaster Tycoon. Thus far, I haven’t been able to fill that void with Theme Park by Electronic Arts whatsoever. One of the big draws to this game is the fact that Theme Park is a free of charge download. Unlike most of Electronic Arts’ mobile games, it really does not cost you money to download it. On the contrary, they try to charge you like no tomorrow by encouraging you to purchase all of the in-game items that cost what they call supertickets. Supertickets cost cold hard cash, and the unfortunate thing about this game is that most everything you want to do with your own amusement park will cost you real-life money. I think I would of rather paid the standard outrageous price of $3.99 for this game. That said, their claim that you can build an amusement park for free isn’t entirely true.

On the bright side of things, the game is very rich in terms of the graphical quality. You can take the graphics of Cityville, a game by Zynga, and imagine that as Theme Park because that is essentially what it is. Nothing unique to see, just very sharp and clean to look at. In other words, it’s very easy on the eyes compared to some of their past games. Although, I did notice that the frame rate dropped a ton in this game, and I am not entirely sure as to why it does that. It may be a bug in the game, but it is a real disturbance when you’re trying to play. Regardless, Theme Park does have some good flash-like graphics.

Theme Park is very self-explanatory. You build your own amusement park and try to attract visitors, just like Rollercoaster Tycoon. But here’s the problem. This game can easily cost you a $100 if you fall into the micro-transaction trap they so innocently call as supertickets. This game isn’t worth spending that much money on, in fact, I wouldn’t say it’s worth spending money on it at all. I could name a few ways to spend $100, which would be much more wise than spending it on Theme Park that you’ll probably play for the first week or two and then put the game down and forget you ever had it.

Theme Park offers a lot of eye-candy (as many games would offer when trying to sell you something) and is a good game, but it simply costs way too much money in the long run. Do they live up to their claim on it being a free game? No, they don’t. While playing this game I felt like they were begging for money every minute I played. If they could reduce the amount of items that cost supertickets, I think that this would have a lot of potential. At this moment, this game feels like a total robbery. This is not a good example of free-to-play micro-transaction games.

Don’t get this game unless you are ready to shell out a good $50 – $100 in micro-transactions. And yes, if you want to get anywhere in the world of Theme Park, you are required to do that essentially.