TalkTalk UK Offering Up A Free Nexus 7 When Customers Buy Android-Powered Smartphones

With the holiday season upon us, it’s not surprise that retailers all over the world are going to start offering consumers some great deals and promotions on various items. With some really cool gadgets releasing this past year, it’s no surprise that retailers would want to get as much sales from them as possible. TalkTalk is one of those retailers and has released their latest promotion in the UK. The company announced that on Tuesday, November 20th, TalkTalk would be giving away a free Nexus 7 tablet when customers purchase specific devices and sign up for a new smartphone plan (if only this was running in the US!). As we get closer and closer to Black Friday and Cyber Monday, more promotions are going to continue to surface. Regardless, customers are going to want to get out and sign up for a new smartphone plan with TalkTalk as soon as possible. Why? Well, who in their right mind would deny a Nexus 7 with a new smartphone? I sure wouldn’t.
via: Talk Android
source: Android Central


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