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T-Mobile Offering “Select” Samsung 4G Smartphones For Free Next Week


Samsung smartphones are available in abundance all across the country. And if you’re confused as to which one to get and from which retailer/carrier, your decision making process might have gotten a little easier. According to a leaked brochure from T-Mobile, most of Samsung’s smartphones will go on sale on November 16 and 17th for free, with a mail in rebate. Given the heavy lineup of Samsung smartphones on T-Mobile’s shelves, it seems there will be a pretty huge line outside T-Mo stores come this Friday. Thanks to this leaked brochure, potential buyers can hold off their plans to get their beloved Samsung smartphone and wait till the next Friday and Saturday to get the best deal out there. The leak comes courtesy of Tmo News, which is a reliable source for all things T-Mobile.

It is advised to rush to the stores on Friday the 16th, which is when the sale begins. Since the offer is available only till stocks last, getting there first might not be a bad idea. Users will have to sign a 2 year agreement on the T-Mobile Classic Plan to avail the said offer. The brochure claims that “select” Samsung smartphones will be available for free, so it’s still unclear as to which smartphones we’ll see going on sale. But going by the brochure, it is safe to assume that it will include Sammy’s flagships like the Galaxy S III and the Galaxy Note II which are both hot sellers in the market. And if big and bold isn’t your thing, there will be older smartphones on sale too. Basically, T-Mobile is putting up almost every recent Samsung 4G smartphone on sale, which will most likely include the Galaxy S II as well.

Will you be open to this new offer and head over to a T-Mobile store this Friday and Saturday? Make sure to let us know if you do. Expect a formal announcement from T-Mobile to come sometime next week or probably sooner. This is a deal customers can’t afford to miss so T-Mobile would want to give them ample time to schedule their purchase plans. Seems like a typical holiday season offer, expect offers and promotions to increase in the coming days.

Source: Tmo News
Via: Phone Arena

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