T-Mobile And MetroPCS Merger Was In The Works Since December 2011

A proxy statement that was filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) by MetroPCS says that the merger with T-Mobile USA has been in planning a whole lot longer than what was originally thought. T-Mobile’s parent company, Deutsche Telekon, attempted to merge with T-Mobile USA a mere two days after the company originally failed to sell the company to AT&T. That said, talks of merging the company goes back all the way to December of 2011. That is a lot longer than a lot of us had originally thought.

MetroPCS says that they have been in talks with several wireless carriers to hopefully merge the company. They were also hoping for buyout and spectrum licensing deals before they would settle with T-Mobile’s parent company, Deutsche Telekom. MetroPCS also tried to sell the company to Sprint earlier in the year, which also — obviously — failed. Aside from that, they were also very close to becoming acquired by an anonymous company that is a current roaming partner. Said company had attempted twice to purchase different spectrum’s from a few different satellite companies. That “anonymous” company has still been unnamed.

There is definitely a lot of stuff going on in the wireless industry. While everyone has been confused about the merger with AT&T and T-Mobile, it seems like there has been other stuff in the works. In other news, Google is also planning to get in the wireless industry as well with ties to Dish Network. Although, we shouldn’t get that excited about it. Dish Network does not have a regulatory approval to even begin building their own wireless network with the companies spectrum. Aside from that, they don’t even have the infrastructure that is required for it yet either. Since talks are going on about becoming a wireless carrier, it makes me wonder what Google has up its sleeve since Dish Network obviously does not have the requirements yet.

Wall Street Journal has noted that Dish Network actually tried to acquire MetroPCS back in August for 4 billion USD. This makes me think that Dish Network has had plans for their own wireless network for some time now. Since the MetroPCS deal didn’t work out, maybe they are looking to partner with Google who might have the neccessary resources to start launching that type of network. This is all just speculation right now, but since they tried to acquire MetroPCS to start their own wireless network, they knew that the company already had the spectrum and infrastructure  Does that mean that they know that Google has the necessary infrastructure and spectrum already? It all seems really weird. All I know is that there are some big things coming to the wireless industry, which might come to surface later in 2013.

I’m excited to see what will happen. What do you think about all of these merger possibilities and talks? Does it raise any questions for you? Sound off in the comments below!

source: Android Central

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