SwiftKey 3 And SwiftKey For Tablets Half-Off

A lot of awesome apps are going on sale on Google Play for Thanksgiving weekend here. Gameloft was first to start the train rolling, but now SwiftKey is jumping on board too! Both smartphone and tablet versions of the extraordinary powerful SwiftKey keyboard are now half off. If you’ve been waiting to get SwiftKey because you weren’t entirely sure about shelling out so much money on a custom Android keyboard, now’s your chance to get it. Here’s why you should:

SwiftKey is a very popular custom Android keyboard among Android users due to how less they have to type. SwiftKey learns your personality by connecting to Twitter, Facebook, Gmail and text messaging. It figures out how you say things. After learning your personality, eventually you won’t have to spend a couple minutes typing an e-mail or text message as SwiftKey will be able to guess what you are going to say next. Cool isn’t it? Aside from that, SwiftKey has a wide range of languages to choose from. The AI technology this keyboard has is truly wonderful.

SwiftKey is also planning on releasing something fairly close to what Swype can do. They call it SwiftKey Flow. Unfortunately that isn’t available yet, so we’ll just have to settle for the regular SwiftKey keyboard for now.

I am a huge SwiftKey user, and it honestly has reduced how much I have to type. It has corrected (according to its stats) 829 different typos for me, and predicted a good 341 words correctly.

You honestly should try it out. Head on over to the Play Store link below to get the full rundown on the app!

Play Store Link — SwiftKey 3

Play Store Link — SwiftKey For Tablets