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Steven Wozniack Believes Microsoft More Creative Than Apple

Steve Wozniack said he’s worried Microsoft is coming up with more innovative products as of late than the company he co-founded with Steve Jobs and Ronald Wayne.

Wozniack, the man who conceptualized the blueprint of the world’s most influential tech company by single-handedly creating Apple I and Apple II computers in 1970s, said the Silicon Valley-based firm might be slowly losing its ground against the geeks from Redmond with regards to innovations.

In an interview with TechCrunch’s correspondent Andrew Keen, Wozniack believed Microsoft executives has been investing their money well to develop more innovative products that certainly attract consumers.

Wozniack said Microsoft’s latest tablet – the Surface – is a solid stepping stone by Microsoft to bring in more advanced version of the product.

“If they’re making strides in this voice recognition area, I fear that Microsoft might have been sitting in their labs trying to innovate,” said Wozniack, who believes Microsoft is developing a technology able to make simultaneous translations.

Wozniack added he fears Apple might get used to just ‘improving’ features to their smartphones and tablets instead of working on new innovative devices that would further change the landscape of mobile and consumer electronics.

“Apple was just used to cranking out the newest iPhone and falling a little behind and that worries me greatly,” said Wozniack, who previously criticized Apple’s Siri, claiming it needs a bigger makeover than ‘Tyra Banks’ could ever give her.

“It worries me because I love Apple,” Woz told TechCrunch. “It worries me if Apple were to lose ground because they were making the same things they know how to make.”

“Improving is not Apple-style innovation,” Woz added.

Asked if the departure of software engineer and vice-president of iOS software Scott Forstall was a big blow to Apple, Wozniack just put it in a simplest sense.

“I don’t believe Steve [Jobs] had to be as much of a real rugged bastard, put people down and make them feel demeaned,” explained Woz.

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