Star Command Well On Its Way Through Development

Those who love to game on their Android devices are going to be in for a very cool action-simulation game. Star Command has surfaced thanks to a trailer that was meant to tease their potential customers. The game is a project on Kickstarter, and boasts of a old-school style that utilizes the beauty of 2D graphics. 2D graphics might be a huge turn-off for some people, but at least taking a look at the teaser trailer might interest you somewhat with the fast side-scrolling action. Not to mention that the game also has some really well done effects. In addition to all of that, the development team has been hard at work trying to get the artificial intelligence to a spectacular point. The result of this should be enemy species having the ability to be much more effective and tactical when attacking players. To be honest, when you have good AI in a game, it really adds to the enjoyment level. It doesn’t feel like you’re fighting a ragdoll. I’m personally looking forward to checking this out.

Keep in mind that the game is still being worked on. The development team is working around the clock trying to craft a perfect experience. Consumers should expect to see this game finished by December which should result in a release sometime in January. That said, there is a bit of waiting to do, so why not check out the teaser trailer the dev team has posted?

Anyone looking forward to Star Command?

source: Talk Android


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