Spy Mouse Review

Available On: Android, iOS

Price: $0.99

Download: Google Play | iTunes

Spy Mouse is one of the more interesting games produced by Electronic Arts. I wasn’t expecting to actually have a challenge on my hands as Electronic Arts usually produces things that the average 5-year old can finish. What was even more surprising was the supreme lack of micro transactions. Those two reasons alone make it worth picking up Spy Mouse.

My only big beef with this game is the fact that it checks for a license just about every time you load up the game, so a data connection is going to be required to play Spy Mouse (although, some people do say that you can play it fine in Airplane mode if the need is there). The second thing is the download took a little over 15 minutes, which was a bit frustrating. Loading levels was pretty long as well. You’d wait a good 10 or seconds before the next level was entirely loaded and ready for you to play. In games like Angry Birds or Cut The Rope, levels loaded almost instantly. This is hardly something to complain about though. Spy Mouse’s fun and addictive gameplay really makes up for the amount of time you have to wait.

The goal of Spy Mouse is to grab the cheese without being seen by the cats, who will track you down if they even see a glimpse of you. Of course, there are mechanics in place that will stop cats from constantly trying to search for you. After a few seconds in hiding they will go back to their normal patrol routes and act like they’ve never seen you before. With Spy Mouse being very based around other stealth games this is a very helpful mechanic to have. There are also mouse holes that you can run into to avoid being caught by cats as well.

There are six worlds for you to play through. Each world averages around 8 or so levels. That said, you’ll have plenty of challenging content to play through.

Spy Mouse is a huge game, and due to the demand it takes on your device you may see it abruptly crash sometimes. This is very annoying, and some improvements would be very welcome to it, but knowing Electronic Arts’ track record with mobile games, nothing will be fixed. What’s really odd is that when this was tested on an iOS device it ran smooth with no crashes whatsoever. Android on the other hand, crashes were a common thing for me, but they never happened during playtime in actual levels. It’s almost like the game has trouble transitioning to a new level or something, which would explain the extended period of wait time to get into the next level. Regardless, it’s a fun game and has beautiful graphics. It’s definitely worth a playthrough if you’re willing to spend the $0.99 for the game.

There are some reports that this game even works really well on a modded device (CyanogenMod). Don’t hold me to it as I haven’t tried it on a modded device, but there are some people saying that it worked fine on one.