Sprint to launch Titanium Galaxy S II

The Samsung Galaxy S II was the second best selling flagship the South Korean company has manufactured (but there are only three smart phones in that series). And the smart phone which is loved by so many people around the world is hitting the store shelves again with some cosmetic changes. Sprint, one of the major wireless carriers in the nation, is all set to re launch the Samsung Galaxy S II in a titanium black color, which would be the same as the Galaxy S III and the Galaxy Note II. Even though we about the cosmetic changes, we do not know anything about the changes to components under the hood.

And we do not really expect the wireless carrier or the manufacturer to change anything under the hood, as the configuration is the main thing which defines a smart phone. But we are, for sure, expecting the flagship smart phone to ship with Android 4.0, also known as Ice Cream Sandwich, out of the box.

If you are high on installing custom ROMs, the smart phone already has very stable Android 4.1, or Jelly Bean, custom ROMs for a few months now. So it is very much expected for the device to come with Ice Cream Sandwich pre installed.

There have been a few rumors about this device before, and a few of them suggest that the device would cost only $99. But right now, even that is a very competitive as the new LG manufactured Nexus 4 is out and it is the right time for the holiday season (and shopping season) to start. And buyers will be heavily comparing all these devices to make a wise buying decision.

The exact release date of this new smart phone is not yet confirmed, but you will be able to find it on the shelves of your nearest dealer very soon.

Source: Android Authority

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