Space X boss Musk Unveils Plan to ‘Terraform’ Mars

Space X founder Elon Musk has unveiled his company’s ambitious plan of sending a manned mission to Mars in 10 or 20 years and eventually starting to build metropolis-like colonies on the Red Planet.

In his presentation at the Royal Aeronautical Society in London last month, Musk said Space X is already working on the blueprint for a possible human kind’s occupation on Mars.

Ever since Musk founded Space X in 2002, the private space transport company has already accomplished several milestones – including its feat of becoming the first private company to send a cargo payload to the International Space Station on May 25, 2002.

And now, Musk and Space X are setting their sight for much greater achievement by sending a man-operated spacecraft to Mars. But Musk is not done yet, the former Paypal and Tesla cars CEO plans to terraform Mars into a planet that could sustain life.

“At Mars, you can start a self-sustaining civilization and grow it into something really big,” Musk told an audience at the Royal Aeronautical Society in London last week.

However, Musk admits the challenges that lie ahead in making his idea into reality would be very daunting and of course expensive. Musk said the colony program would cost up to $36 billion in government and private enterprises funding. He also stressed the use of reusable rocket to at least lessen down the cost.

“Some money has to be spent on establishing a base on Mars. It’s about getting the basic fundamentals in place,” Musk said. “That was true of the English colonies [in the Americas]; it took a significant expense to get things started,” said Musk, who also received a gold medal from Royal Aeronautical Society for contribution to the commercialization of space traveling.

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