Sony Xperia T Gets New Firmware Upgrade, Miracast Streaming Included

Miracast, the newest competitor in the video streaming market, was announced earlier this year, but information surrounding it has been pretty vague (requirements, compatibility and etc). In fact, the feature has been around for a while, but the Android platform has had to play catch up with it. To refresh your memory, Miracast is very similar to Samsung’s DLNA feature along with a more recent feature announced on the Nexus 4 coupled with Android 4.2, which will allow the user of the device to mirror images straight from a phone or tablet to display over a Wi-Fi connection. This week a software update is starting to roll out in Europe and Asia for the Xperia T which will include this streaming functionality on the device. The only catch to this is that your network and monitor is going to need to be compatible with Miracast.

An additional feature added to Miracast is going to appeal to those that are conscious about their battery usage, it’s a feature that will allow users to enable an extended standby function. The feature will disable the data connections after a set allotment of time has ran out. However, the way this is different from other similar features is that it will continue to allow data for texts and calls to come through as it normally would. Sony claims an extension of standby time by four-fold when the user opts in with this specific option. Other changes included with this firmware update are some changes to the Movie and Walkman apps.

It is also important to note that the Xperia TX will not be receiving HD Voice.

source: Talk Android

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