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Sony Lowers Again Sales Forecast For Vita

Japanese technology giant Sony is again lowering its projected sales for its newest handheld video game console Vita for the second time this fiscal year, the company announced last week.

Sony originally forecasted to sell a combined 16 million units of the PlayStation Vita and its outgoing predecessor PlayStation Portable (PSP) systems. Despite the company’s decision not to disclose a separate sales results for both consoles, Sony still announced a weaker sales for both platforms.

After Sony sold 1.8 million units of Vitas in the first quarter, the sale trajectory continued to take a downward trend in the succeeding quarter as the company recorded a sale of 1.6 million units in the last three months.

It marked the second time Sony lowered their forecast for their handheld gaming platform following a lethargic sales result during the first quarter and the ongoing decline in the past months.  With this development, Sony is just expecting just 10 million units of Vitas sold at the end of the fiscal year, which translates to a loss of $16 million.

Sony, who racked up $88 million profit from the sale of PSP last year, insisted that’s too early to lower the price of the PlayStation Vita despite recording weak sales since the console’s launch last May.

However, other retailers are taking the matter into their own hands by selling a 3G/Wi-Fi PlayStation Vita launch bundle for only $179.99 – which $120 cheaper from its original retail price.

In a span of 10 months, retailers are starting to sell their pile of Vitas even though they gain nothing from its sale.

Nonetheless, Sony remains optimistic about Vita’s potential in the business aspect. With the release of big titles (Silent Hill: Book of Memories, Assassin Creed III: Liberations, Need for Speed: Most Wanted and others), Vita will surely find their mark in the gaming industry.

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