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Smartphones Not Ideal Buy on Black Friday



Black Friday marks the start of the Holiday shopping season, where great bargains are everywhere, from the grandest television sets to the most sophisticated mobile devices. Yet, experts believe smartphones deals are not that hot as everybody would think.

In the latest write-up by CNET executive editor Roger Cheng, he pointed out the consequences of jumping on bargain bait in exchange for surplus products.

Cheng said Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals could be just too good to be true, advising consumers to be really meticulous in buying items. He added most of the smartphones available are products carries and retailers have been itching to unload, rishing consumers of buying substandard devices.

Cheng believes buying a cheaper smartphones available on Black Friday might be not be a wise decision for consumers looking for a reliable communication devices.

Cheng said smartphone are a different beats and it my leave consumer disappointed because of defects that could manifest after just weeks of using it.

“Smartphones are a different beast than other consumer electronic products. They are more personal than other gadgets, and are almost always with you. ”

“In fact, it may leave you with a phone that chugs and struggles to keep pace with the array of apps and services that have yet to come,” said Cheng

Nevertheless, Cheng is also convinced that there will be hidden treasures somewhere and the handy guide by CNET editor Lynn La could really help some shoppers.

Samsung’s biggest profit-maker, the Galaxy S III, could be purchased in a much cheaper price but it is also available at T-Mobile, Sprint Nextel, Best Buy, and Radio Shack at $99.99 (after rebate). Samsung are also offering other devices during the shopping spree.

Drastically marked down One X models will hit the market shelf as well for only $99, including an upgraded One X+.

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