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Siri will Book Movie Tickets with iOS 6.1


Apple’s Siri is already known to do a lot of fancy things like crunch numbers, find restaurants near to your location etc. But according to 9to5Mac and its developer sources, with the upcoming iOS 6.1 update, Siri will also be able to book movie tickets as well. This seems like a decent addition to Siri’s repertoire which already brags of a few neat features. So how exactly will this work on iOS? Well, as you might have guessed by now, Siri will merely redirect you to Fandango where the rest of the business should be dealt with. Fandango will be available as a separate app, which means Siri will redirect you there. So Siri merely acts as a messenger and doesn’t actually book tickets for you. The Passbooks app on iOS will come in handy too. This could mean nothing but good news for Fandango, which could see a huge growth in its customer share. Alternatively, users can also book tickets for plays and theater shows near to their location. However, this could only see a limited roll out with U.S being given priority first.

The feature probably wouldn’t make much of a difference to many users, but yet it’s a good novelty to have. We’re not sure what else is new with the 6.1 update, but this seems to be one of the many minor improvements made to the system. If you recall correctly, the Maps app also requires some sort of an overhaul to make it attractive again. So there’s a fairly big list of things people want with the new update of iOS. Besides that, the iOS 6 operating system has been fairly okay with not much to complain about. So now that Siri can do all this, we wonder what’s coming next.


It seems like Apple is trying way too hard to keep at pace with Android, which is ironic, as Android was once seen lagging behind iOS. With the new trio of Nexus devices up against Apple’s contemporaries, the coming months could well decide what the future holds for the companies. Oh and lest we forget Windows Phone 8!

Source: 9to5 Mac
Via: Tech Crunch

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