Security firm says Play Store has 290,000 suspicious apps

Data and information security on a personal device is very important. Nobody wants to compromise their contacts list or messages or emails, or about anything else which is personal on their personal devices. But we know that there are apps for the smart phones in the market which are designed to do just that, compromise your personal information.

Such apps are called malware, and Google’s Android is one of the platforms which are known for having the most number of such malware apps. These apps project themselves as games or some other low profile utility app and get downloaded to Android smart phones and tablets by users and play with the user’s personal data. There is an increasing risk of this happening. And as companies are now adopting Android smart phones and tablets, there is a risk of the leakage of company’s secret information. So security firms are working hard on preventing such activities.

Advanced threat protection company Bit9 has recently tested around 412,000 apps and found that almost 290,000 of them pose a threat. These apps are not exactly malware, as the company clarifies, but the security firm says that if these apps decide to act crazy, they can compromise very critical information about the user of the device they are installed on.

Bit9 says that out of the 412,000 apps it has tested, 42 per cent of the apps access the GPS module on the device to get the exact location of the user. 31 per cent of the apps have access to phone call logs and the contacts list on the devices, another 26 per cent of the apps access the users’ emails and contacts. And a good 9 per cent of the apps are allowed to spend the users’ money. These apps can be thought of as games which have in game buying options. But they can misuse the users’ money.

So, corporate users need to be very careful about what apps they install and use on their business phones. And Bit9 says that out of the 138 mobile security experts from the IT industry that it spoke to, 84 per cent of the people think that Apple’s iOS is safe and secure than Google’s Android. But you are the one who has to decide which device you need to use as your personal device.

Source: Ubergizmo

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