Samsung Won’t Negotiate With Apple At All

With HTC and Apple announcing that they would stop the legal battles with a cross-licensing agreement some people were wondering if Samsung would give up and stop all of the legal trauma with Apple. With all of the battle’s Samsung has won thus far, it would of been a surprise for Samsung to back down.

Samsung Mobile boss JK Shin ended the speculation on backing down. He indicated that the Korean tech giant would not be getting into any negotiations with the Cupertino-based company. According to YonHap, a Korean news agency, Shin told reporters, “it may be true that HTC may have agreed to pay 300 billion won (US$276 million) to Apple, but we don’t intend to (negotiate) at all.” Not a surprise at all. Especially after their valiant win in the United Kingdom courts.

At this point, it’s unclear as to where the 300 billion won figure came from in the HTC settlement. Although, the details of the settlement between HTC and Apple still remain confidential. That said, it’s vastly unclear what is going on beyond the curtains. Some analysts have even speculated that HTC might be shelling out a good $6 to $8 per phone to Apple in order to make use/continue using of its patent portfolio.

As you know, both Samsung and Apple have been trading some serious blows in courts around the world over this past year. One of the most notable battles was a California court calling it in Apple’s favor, ruling that Samsung Electronics was required to pay a bit over $1 billion for “copying” elements of its iPhone design along with infringing on other Apple owned patents. If you’ve followed any of the tech blogs, you’ll know that in other countries Samsung has been vastly successful in defending their property against Apple’s claims. The British High Court also recently ruled that Samsung did not copy any of Apple’s registered designs for the very successful iPad, and then ordered that Apple was required to take out adds to correct the impressions they had. Not only that, but The British High Court also ruled that Apple was required to pay Samsung’s legal fees, which is a pretty hefty bill to pay.

With JK Shin’s statement that was released today, we can expect more legal battles between Samsung and Apple as the two companies move forward. It’ll be interesting to see how the legal battles progress between these two companies. It’s actually kind of crazy that neither of the companies are willing to settle on something reasonable. We’re going to be seeing a long list of legal battles in this next year, and some of them might not be that pretty, especially here in the United States. Whatever the case, it’s no surprise that Samsung isn’t willing to settle, especially when they have been around for a lot longer than Apple has.

Let’s sit back, grab our popcorn and watch the legal battles continue to commence! This is going to be a long ride folks, a long ride.

source: Android Central