Samsung Showcases Device Stress Testing In Newly Released Promotional Video

Anyone who has used a Samsung device before knows that the company likes to use flexible plastic materials for its devices which ultimately makes their devices feel cheap in the hand. You can especially feel the “cheap” plastic on the Galaxy S 2. Regardless, this often leads to their phones having a lot of longevity. Having your device being able to handle a few drops, bumps and scratches is an awesome feature to have though. Although, it is something that a few people aren’t too fond of.

Samsung has just released a new promotional video showing off the steps they take to stress test their devices, which also includes hitting the home button the Galaxy Note 2 over a whopping 200,000 times, putting the device under simulated rain and even simulating sitting on the device repeatedly. While the video is narrated in Korean, the visuals in the video are quite interesting, and it does give you the idea of the process that Samsung’s devices go through. Just skip to the 0:50 mark on the YouTube video, that is where you should start seeing what their devices go through.

The video is definitely worth watching despite the different language. Not only does it show you what testing their devices go through, but it shows how they test it as well.

Are you a fan of Samsung’s plastic material despite their devices feeling cheap? Does the amount of testing Samsung does on their devices help you instill confidence in their products?

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source: Android Central

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