Samsung Loses Another Patent To Apple

The Apple vs Samsung legal battles are far from quieting down, especially after this most recent litigation. According to a new ruling in the Netherlands, Samsung has lost its battle against Apple in regards to Apple’s patent of scrolling in the gallery (EP 2.059.868). Samsung’s “blue bounce effect” that can be found in their version of TouchWiz on Android 2.1, 2.2 and 2.3’s gallery must be taken out in a future update. The ruling says that Samsung must push out this update within 8 weeks otherwise the company will be facing a 100.00 Euro ($128.93 USD) fine per day.

I’m no patent professional, but bounce effects in general seems like it should be subject to FRAND law, as you can find that effect in a lot of devices. Regardless, Apple has really been hammering on Samsung lately. Not to mention that Apple has just recently stopped purchasing Samsung’s CPUs.

Apple may have settled with HTC with a cross-licensing agreement, but it seems like Samsung is not going to be willing to settle with Apple for quite some time now. While reading about victories against either company might be like cheering on your favorite football team, some of these patents have really gotten out of hand. I’m surprised that no one is really trying to change how things work.

I mean, come on, really? Your suing over a bounce-back effect — something that most consumers barely even pay attention too.

It all just seems ridiculous.

source: Talk Android

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