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Samsung Leaders to Convene in Korea For Annual Strategy Meeting

Top Samsung executives coming from different parts of the world will gather in South Korea in December to discuss their strategies for the upcoming year and their all-out war with American tech company Apple.

According to, Samsung top honchos will surely tackle their heating tech battle with Apple as the Korean firm looks to sustain their edge against the iPad and iPhone-maker in the smartphone and tablet market for more years to come.

Korean newspaper Chosun Ilbo reported that around 200 executives are expected to arrive in Samsung town, Seoul South Korea next month as part of the Chaebol’s annual strategy meeting.

Chosun Ilbo said Samsung will be using its annual meeting to come up with fresh ideas and solid concepts on their marketing and sales to develop a long term strategies against Apple. The company will also review their legal remedies along with their options in their ongoing litigation battle with the American tech firm.

Samsung and Apple have engaged in a grueling legal battle, which saw the iPad manufacturer winning most of patent infringement cases.

However, Samsung recently took a huge victory in the United Kingdom court, which compelled Apple to reimburse the Korean firm all the legal expenses made following the American tech firm’s defiance to release a clear and concise statement of apology aimed to inform the public that Samsunng did not copy the iPad.

Although there is a slim chance of ending this legal battle in the nearest possible time as both parties gearing up for another round of patent-related trial in 2014, market analysts predicts a grand dispute settlement remain inevitable.

Apple has already made a settlement with Taiwanese smartphone maker HTC over mobile patents. Still, Samsung insisted that it has no plans of holding a negotiation with Apple, which is also firm in its stance to topple the Korean tech giant at all possible measures.

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