Samsung Galaxy S III Was The Most-Shipped Smartphone Of Q3

You’ve been living under a rock if you haven’t heard that Samsung has reached and even surpassed their recent 30 million milestone of Galaxy S III’s sold worldwide. Samsung has shipped so many Galaxy S III’s that the amount of Galaxy S III’s shipped has surpassed the iPhone 4S during the third quarter. According to numbers from Strategy Analytics, the Galaxy S III shifted a good 18 million units worldwide compared to the iPhone 4S’ 16.2 million and the recent iPhone 5’s 6 million. Of course, with how fast Samsung had been reaching these milestones, I doubt this is a surprise for anyone.

Things aren’t as one-sided as the numbers are looking though. In fact, there is an extremely good reason as to why consumers weren’t purchasing a whole lot of iPhone 4S’ during that time. The iPhone 5 was on the horizon with bunches of new features for iOS users, including the larger screen and support for LTE networks. It was very anticipated, which is why iPhone 4S sales died down as consumers waiting for the iPhone 5. Quarter 3 saw the Galaxy S III launch in some very key territories, including North America and South Korea where Samsung Electronics is based at. Another thing that is important to note that this number is numbers shipped, it isn’t necessarily S III’s in consumers’ hands.

With the iPhone 5 now available to consumers, it’s likely that Apple will be back in the top spot for the fourth quarter. Nevertheless, Samsung should be pleased that they were able to outsell Apple this quarter. It’s definitely given them a lot of publicity as well. Maybe we’ll even be seeing similar numbers in the future.

source: android central

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