Samsung Galaxy S III Mini Source Code Released

As you know, Samsung posted open source source code for their Galaxy Tab 2 device along with AT&T’s variant of the upcoming (November 9th) Samsung Galaxy Note II. Samsung’s developers, proud with their work, continued today, and have made the source code available for their brand new Galaxy S III Mini. Those that are interested in grabbing the Android 4.1 Jelly Bean code for the Galaxy S III Mini can just head on over to Samsung’s Open Source Release Center to get a copy of the code. With the source code available to the public now, it shouldn’t be too much longer before modders are releasing tweaks and custom software to the Galaxy S III Mini. And hey, we may even see some Android 4.2 features on the Galaxy S III Mini if modders end up doing that too (surely someone will, there is always that guy just waiting to get their hands on early software).

Are you going to be starting up a mod for the Galaxy S III Mini? Sound off in the comment below!

source: Open Source Release Center
via: Talk Android