Samsung Galaxy S III holiday sale for $49.99

US carrier Sprint has dropped the price of Samsung Galaxy S III to just $49.99 (originally $99.99) for its new customers. Android smartphone lovers and enthusiasts are given an opportunity to own the device considered as one of the most powerful and feature-packed handset at a very low price. While it hasn’t been revealed until when this offer would last, it is believed to be in preparation for the holidays. Interested parties are advised to visit Amazon Wireless to avail this great deal.

While this deal is a great offering, there are some of the conditions you have to fulfill before you can avail it:

  • You should choose only between the blue and white 16GB variants. No information was provided whether there are plans to offer Galaxy S III with higher capacity at a price as low as this.
  • You should be a new customer for Sprint. Current customers are not eligible for this promotional price and there is no upgrade plan just yet. However, it is expected that the carrier will give its existing customer something for the holidays.
  • The new customer should sign up for Sprint’s family plan. There is no exception, you should either sign up for the family contract or have to pay the regular price.

For those who might be looking for mid-range smartphones but don’t want to spend more, the prices of Samsung Galaxy Victory 4G and HTC Evo 4G LTE have also been dropped to $0.01 and $19.99, respectively. You can get either of these phones with an individual contract.

Offerings like these don’t happen so often and most of the times the promotion would last for not very long. These devices have really impressive specs, especially the Galaxy S III, with a lot of features everybody can enjoy. Here are the links of each device posted on Amazon Wireless.

Sprint Samsung Galaxy S III – $49.99

Sprint Samsung Galaxy Victory 4G – $0.01

Sprint HTC Evo LTE 4G – $19.99

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