Samsung Galaxy S III 64GB Models Now For Pre-Order In The UK

Clove UK has been teasing a Samsung Galaxy S III with 64GBs of storage space since August, but the retailer is getting ever-closer to its release date. Pre-orders for the device are now current available at £600.00, but you shouldn’t be getting too excited here. Clove has said that stock is expected to be available in a good two months or so, and even at that time, they will be deciding on ordering a shipment based off of how many pre-orders they get. At least we know a Samsung Galaxy S III is in the pipeline.

We’ve also been hearing rumors that a 64GB variant of the Galaxy S III would be making its way to Italy as well, although the regional availability is still up in the air, so we may be in for quite a wait here. My guess is that we’ll be seeing more on the 64GB Galaxy S III after the Mobile World Congress or even CES 2013. Right now there is very little to go on, but some of Clove UK’s statements sounds very convincing, especially since the phone hasn’t been pulled from their website.

Have you been waiting to get a Samsung Galaxy S III until a larger storage version was released, or are you happy with the 32GB version along with how much the microSD card slot offers? If you live in the United Kingdom, will you be pre-ordering one of these guys? Hopefully we’ll be seeing these models roll out somewhat soon, surely this would give Samsung another leg in their sales records as well.

source: Android Central

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