Samsung Galaxy Note II Unit Sales Reach 5 Million Worldwide

Nearly a month after the Galaxy Note II’s launch, the device racked up 3 million units in sale worldwide. It’s definitely not a surprise, but only a few weeks later that number skyrocketed from 3 million to a whopping 5 million units sold worldwide. While that number isn’t even close to the 20+ million units the Galaxy S III sold, it is quickly picking up speed. These numbers are bound to skyrocket as the holiday buying season has just begun, especially when one considers that the Galaxy Note II is available on just about every major carrier in the United States (including some minor ones). When consumers see the Note II’s initial success, that is also bound to trigger more interest in the device.

Samsung has released a statement saying that the Note II has been outpacing its predecessor in sales this far, which is no surprise. CEO of Samsung Mobile JK Shin previously indicated a sales goal of 20 million units for the Galaxy Note II, much like the Samsung Galaxy S III.

At the end of Samsung’s new press release, they’ve noted that that plan on continuing to innovate, which is no surprise. It does make you wonder what else the company has up their sleeves though. I personally think that the Samsung Galaxy S IV is going to be something that will blow consumers away.

Has anyone gotten themselves a Galaxy Note II yet? Are you impressed in the device? Do these new statistics surprise you at all?

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source: Android Central

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