Samsung Galaxy Note II: Over 3 Million Units Sold So Far

It isn’t that surprising that the Galaxy Note II has sold extremely well. In just over 30 days of their launch date, Samsung is reporting that the handset has passed up 3 million units sold. It took a few months for the original Galaxy Note to hit 10 million units sold, so the Galaxy Note II is as expected selling at a whole lot faster pace than that. As you can imagine, there is a ton of demand for this massive smartphone, and it has only been released on two of the major four carriers in the United States.

A couple of months ago back in September, JK Shin — the head of Samsung Mobile, said that he was expecting to see the Galaxy Note II reach the 20 million sales mark for the Galaxy Note II. While there was no time table given, the device is already picking up speed. This holiday seasons will obviously be a huge boost in that area especially with Verizon and AT&T launching the device here in the United States soon as well. 20 million actually might not be a over expectation.

Will you be picking up a Galaxy Note II this holiday season? In fact, are you going to pick it up the day it releases on AT&T and Verizon?

source: Android Central

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