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Samsung Galaxy Note II Can Create Water Art!?

Phablets are becoming an extremely popular device despite complains of the size. Samsung’s latest ad for their recently released Galaxy Note II shows Steak Studio, a London based design consulting firm, creating interactive water art controlled by the Galaxy Note II, probably the greatest phablet on the market. The art display features 408 fish tank pumps that replicates whatever the user draws on the Galaxy Note II’s screen with its powerful S Pen tool. Whatever the user draws is turned into ripples on a pool of water. The team behind this project is calling it “liquid-pixels.” This ad in particular really showcases what the Note II is able to be used for. It makes you wonder what else this device could possibly do.

The Galaxy Note II aside, this project makes you wonder what else the Android operating system is capable of in general. As companies push the limits of hardware and create new and thrilling products, I’d be interested in seeing what we could do with devices like the Note II one or even two years down the line. You can check out the video below. It’s seriously worth giving a watch!

After watching the video, I am personally excited to see what Samsung will be able to come up with in the future. Regardless, this ad from Samsung is going to interest a lot of people. I think we’re going to start seeing Galaxy Note II sales start to skyrocket this holiday season, especially if they keep coming up with stuff like this!

source: Talk Android

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