Samsung Galaxy Camera visits FCC again

When it comes to compact cameras, we have a lot of options, but talking of Android based cameras, we don’t really have many choices. Nikon had come up with their Android based camera, and it is really a good device package because it’s Android, so you can play games like Angry Birds while clicking high resolution pictures with the device. Well, playing games is just an example, and you can install any app from the Android Play Store for that matter, and as we know, there are a lot of photo editing apps available in the Play Store, so we are talking about prospects of in-camera editing and you can also share the pictures from the device directly.

Samsung recently came up with its own iteration of Nikon’s offering and called it as Samsung Galaxy Camera. AT&T announced the camera in November and can be bought from them for $499.99 and you can either choose a shared data plan or one of the available individual or family plans. Galaxy Camera is also a very good device for photography lovers, though if you care a lot about photography, you would definitely go for a DSLR as there are many entry level DSLR’s available at that price point, however, not everyone likes to carry bulk with them every time, and the Galaxy Camera seems to be a perfect option in that case. To start with, it is equipped with a 16MP backside illuminated CMOS sensor and runs Android 4.1 Jelly Bean as its operating system using its quad core 1.4 GHz processor. Galaxy camera uses a 4.8-inch HD Super Clear LCD screen for display purposes, and what sets it apart from a high end Android device with a good camera is the 21x optical zoom lens that it comes with. Nikon’s version of Android camera doesn’t come with cellular connectivity, but Samsung’s product does allow you to communicate with cellular towers. That also means you will be able to surf the web or download apps on the go.

Currently, the Galaxy Camera is being offered only by AT&T, and Samsung as a company would definitely like to sell more, and apparently a FCC filing has been spotted which reveals that the device may be indeed headed to a second carrier, complete with a bump up to 4G LTE connectivity. The device just appeared at the FCC with support for Verizon LTE bands, but that doesn’t mean that Verizon will launch it, and we can rather say that the chances of that happening in the near future is higher than before.

According to Engadget, the device in the FCC filing is identified as EK-GC120, which is higher than the present Galaxy Camera’s EK-GC100 identifier. The documents explain that EK-GC120 packs support for Verizon-friendly LTE on band 13 as its only connectivity option, apart from the Wi-Fi of course. It should be noted that Galaxy Camera cannot be used to make phone calls, so it’s just Google Play software catalog at your disposal.

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source: FCCEngadget

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