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Samsung Could Showcase 5-inch 1080p Display Panel at CES 2013


It seems like the market will soon be crowded by 5-inch smartphones looking at the scheme of things. We’ve already seen the HTC Droid DNA and J Butterfly officially arrive in the U.S and Japan respectively. Then we’ve heard rumors of the Sony Yuga and Odin which are also believed to pack 1080p display panels similar to the aforementioned HTC devices. However, Samsung will also soon join the party according to new reports. It is believed that Samsung will unveil its very own 4.99-inch Super AMOLED 1080p display at the upcoming CES convention in January 2013. These reports emerge from a Korean publication which claims to have exclusive insider access to the info via Samsung officials. It was about time, one would think, given that most major display manufacturers like Sharp, LG and Japan Display have their own 1080p mobile display panels by now. The new Samsung display panel is believed to have a pixel density of 441 ppi which is close to what the Droid DNA has (440 ppi). It’s rather strange that we see smartphones growing in size with each passing year, and the market certainly doesn’t mind that.

Samsung would certainly want to make something unique out of its new 1080p panels which will most likely be included in the Galaxy S IV. The Korean manufacturer certainly has to figure out a way to mass produce this new display panel which apparently makes use of LITI technology and the FMM production methods. While FMM aids mass production, LITI is cheaper. So Samsung seems to be on its way to launch the next flagship with this new display. What’s particularly interesting to see is how Samsung would make its display panel stand out from that of LG or Sharp. LG being the Samsung’s regional rival is known for its IPS LCD panels. Where Samsung holds an edge over the competition is with its OLED panels which offer superior viewing angles compared to conventional LCDs.

Brace yourself as 2013 could bring in a barrage of beasts packing 1080p displays, if what we’re seeing now is any indication. With the Galaxy S III more than six months old already, rumors for its successor will begin hitting the rumor mill any time now. So we can assume this to be one of the smartphone’s primary highlights. Of course, we can be wrong here and Samsung might merely show off the display at CES for demonstrative purposes. There’s no way to make sure, but we’d like to hope against hope that we get to see this beautiful display panel in the next Galaxy flagship.

With drastic changes being made to mobile hardware in an year, it’s hard to speculate what the future holds for us. But growth is never bad, is it?

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