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Samsung Comes Out on Top of Q3 Sales Results, Leaves Apple and Nokia Behind


Samsung as we know is the company that’s doing exceptionally well in the market. And its dream run seems to be continuing in the mobile world with the company coming out as the top seller of mobile phones (including smartphones) in the world, beating Nokia and Apple. The research was conducted by Gartner and Strategy Analytics, and it doesn’t seem to be surprising anyone. According to the analysis, Samsung sold a total of 98 million phones. The real competition seems to be between Samsung and Nokia here, as Apple doesn’t have a presence in the feature phones or entry level smartphones industry. Nokia seems to have done well in the low end mobile phone segment with a total of 82 million units reportedly sold. Merely 7.2 million of them were smartphones. Samsung on the other hand, sold 55 million smartphones and Apple sold 23.6 million during the third quarter. The sales of the Galaxy S III surpassed the iPhone 4S in Q3 without much surprise as the new iPhone made its way to the market. Surprisingly, the iPhone 5 is nowhere in that list with only 6 million of sales reported, but we should see strong sales numbers appear in the fourth quarter results. The iPhone 4S apparently sold 16.2 million units down from 19.4 million from the past quarter. The Galaxy S III sold roughly around 18 million units, which is a huge increase from the 5.4 million units it sold in Q2.

As expected, Nokia’s dominance in the feature phone market continues, but it hasn’t been able to translate that into smartphone sales. This is a troubling stat for Nokia, one which the company would desperately like to erase in the current quarter. The company stands seventh in smartphone rankings overall. The Lumia 920 seems to have gotten off to a decent start, and Nokia would want to sell more of that to have any impact on its smartphone sales. With all its eggs currently in the Windows Phone basket, it’s hard to expect any sort of excitement from the company about the feature phone sales. The holiday season will certainly be a test of these smartphones and it would be interesting to see if the Galaxy S III or the iPhone 5 will have much of an impact going forward. Initial glitches of the iPhone 5 might have driven away a few customers away, while the Galaxy S III has a rather unpleasing design. Samsung however, has managed to provide decent sales figures of the smartphone continuing the legacy from the Galaxy S II which also showed similar sales figures. Which phone are you buying this holiday season?

Source: CIO
Via: Tech Radar

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