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RIM CEO Doesn’t Have Nice Things to Say About iOS


Research in Motion, more commonly known as RIM, is the producer of the now declining BlackBerry line of smartphones. These corporate friendly devices aren’t quite the hot sellers they once used to be and RIM is trying to get on a comeback trail with a new and completely revamped BlackBerry 10 OS. And as the launch of the new OS approaches (January 30th, 2013), the CEO of RIM, Thorsten Heins has already begun the war of words against rival manufacturers, beginning with Apple, and its iOS mobile operating system. Thorsten Heins believes that RIM has actually developed the BlackBerry 10 OS to such an extent now that it is ahead of iOS. He further claimed that BB10 is a “true mobile computing platform”, while calling iOS a pocket version of the PC platform. We’re not sure if people will agree with his comments, but it seems like he has the right attitude, especially considering the fact that the new OS will debut in a couple of months from now.

We can’t say for sure if BlackBerry 10 will be a success in the market, but the spirit of the company is very commendable, albeit long overdue. RIM execs in the past have been overly flamboyant with their approach towards the BlackBerry platform making huge statements and not really living up to it. Heins created a storm among BlackBerry loyalists by mentioning that there was room for a third superpower in the mobile industry. Some believed he should have been more optimistic with his comments, but he later mentioned that he was only being realistic. The first BlackBerry 10 smartphone is believed to be the Aristo which is said to feature a Snapdragon S4 Pro chip, 4.65-inch HD display and 2GB of RAM and LTE. Not sure how the OS will utilize the powerful CPU and RAM, but it certainly has what it takes to attract the tech savvy folk.

Heins also said that a major corporation like Samsung will be hard to dethrone considering that they are well settled in the market and have “corporate siblings” to bank on for displays. He further predicted Samsung to emerge on top in the Windows Phone 8 sphere, which would certainly anger a certain Finnish company. RIM expects good support from American carriers for the success of the new platform. Heins believes that to emerge on top of the mobile industry, it is vital to score North America. No doubt, RIM still has a lot of fans in Canada and the U.S, but the emergence of Android and iOS has made things harder than ever for a new mobile OS to enter the scene. The BlackBerry Aristo should be a very neat addition to the market, where all we see is Android, iOS and Windows Phones (not that we mind). It is hoped that Thorsten Heins’ optimism with the new platform doesn’t go in vain. It is to be seen if the carriers will show their faith in RIM’s new offering.

Source: GigaOM
Via: Phone Arena

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