Richard Branson Becomes First Influencer to Have 1 Million Followers on LinkedIn

English business magnate and Virgin Group chairman Richard Branson put his name on the social media record book after becoming the “LinkedIn Influencer” to draw more than 1 million followers.

The 62-year-old Branson did not only top the list of the influential persons on LikedIn, but he dominated it by giving as twice as the actual number of followers of his trailer, newly re-elect U.S President Barrack Obama.

“Our data shows that [Branson is] popular with everyone from entrepreneurs to HR workers and in industries ranging from tech to construction,” LinkedIn Executive Editor Daniel Roth said in a blog post Friday. “The only continent where he doesn’t have a single follower is Antarctica.”

LinkedIn introduced the Influencer program last October to give a very select group of people a way to write long-form content on the site and share it with 187 million member of the social networking website devoted for people in professional occupations.

Roth said the program had already recorded 6 million total following relationships and 1,400 article posted within just a six-week span.

In an interview at a Business Inside conference earlier this week, LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner outlined the goal of the company as a venue for publishers and other professionals to further enhance their visibility. Weiner added LinkeIn offers information that can’t be easily found on other sites.

Branson have been posting several articles related to entrepreneurship and keys to enjoying a balanced life since the start of the program. The businessman’s write-ups entitled five tips for starting a successful business have been LinkedIn’s biggest hit, generating 500,000 page views. Meanwhile, his short article entitled ‘Happiness is the best measure of success’ has received 3,500 comments.

“Colleagues should take care of each other, have fun, celebrate success, learn by failure, look for reasons to praise not to criticise, communicate freely, and respect each other,” Branson wrote.

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