Resizable app icon concept in iOS

One feature among many others that iOS based device users miss is the widgets features, and the productivity and ease of use that comes along with it. Widgets make the life of a smart phone user a lot simpler, as any Android user would say. And the Live Tiles on Windows Phone 8 (for which the company is being sued), gives the users more info than just the name of the app so that the user need not open the app every time to get the required info. Even though Apple thinks widgets are not really useful and is not a good idea to implement on iOS, there are iOS users who really miss the feature, as is proved from this video.

Visual and user interface designer, Max Rudberg, has come up with this video in which he shows the concept of widgets on iOS, but with a mixture of the concept of Live Tiles with it. How, you ask? As you can see from the video, the widgets are not added to the home screen separately. But rather, they are just expanded from an app’s icon on the home screen. So basically, they are still app icons giving you information (Live Tiles) and letting you do more with toggles and lists (Android widgets).

Google released resizable widgets in Android 4.0, Ice Cream Sandwich, with which you can resize the widget to occupy any amount of real estate you need on your home screen. The resizable app icon concept showcased in this video by Rudberg is also, almost same. For example, the Settings app icon was expanded to occupy the full width of the display of the iPhone. But the Clock app and the Mail app icons each took only half the width of the screen.

This can be a powerful feature in the upcoming versions of the mobile operating system from Apple. But I really doubt the company would take this seriously in the near future. But you should give credits to Rudberg for thinking of the concept, even though it is not completely his own idea.

Source: TUAW

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