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Render of the HTC Deluxe Leaked, Could be the Global Variant of the Droid DNA


The HTC Droid DNA on Verizon is one of the hotly anticipated phones of the month, along with the LG Nexus 4 of course. The device was announced a few days ago by HTC and promised to take the American market by storm. However, there was no info on a global variant of the same. So one would have thought that the device was an exclusive to the U.S. But now, a leaked render has surfaced courtesy of the very reliable evleaks, and it seems like HTC has something in store for the rest of the world after all. All we have is an alleged press shot of the new HTC smartphone which will apparently be known as the HTC Deluxe. Leaked in the typical fashion on Twitter, evleaks gave out nothing but an image and the name of the device. However, we don’t expect the specs to be all that different from the Droid DNA.

It’s the gorgeous 1080p display that everybody is looking forward to, so as long as that’s on board, I don’t think users in Asia would have a problem with the device. Launch details are still scarce, almost nonexistent really, but we expect the device to hit the markets somewhere during the end of this month or in December. The aim would be to have this in Asian markets in time for the holiday season.

HTC has been pretty vary of calling the Droid DNA a “phablet”, which according to me is a tag reserved for the Samsung Galaxy Note. The Droid DNA is basically a scaled up version of the HTC One X, but with a better Super LCD 3 display and a breathtaking resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels. The smartphone isn’t without its own quirks, though.

Ease of use is a whole different story altogether, but not too many people are convinced with HTC’s decision to go with a 2,020 mAh battery. One would wonder if the device would last long enough for the user to enjoy the 1080p goodness with a battery of such moderate capacity. However, initial reviews have suggested that the Droid DNA does fairly well for its size.You might not get the battery life of the Galaxy Note II, but it is believed to be pretty much on par with most smartphones out there, which comes as a huge surprise. The device also supports Verizon’s 4G LTE network which means it won’t go easy on the battery. Regardless, the Droid DNA is a revolutionary phone for the time being and could well set a new industry standard. HTC would certainly count on this new smartphone and the HTC Deluxe to make an impact in world markets.

Source: evleaks (Twitter)
Via: Phone Arena

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