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Purchasing a Galaxy S III on RadioShack will Fetch You a $50 Google Play Store Gift Card


The Galaxy S III is one of Samsung’s top dogs and it doesn’t surprise us at the slightest that it’s the top selling smartphone right now. The device is available for crazy discounts all over the place but this one from RadioShack has certainly caught everybody’s attention. Customers who get the Samsung Galaxy S III (Sprint, AT&T or Verizon) from RadioShack will receive a $50 Google Play Store gift card, which is a great gift for your loved ones, especially with the holiday season quickly approaching. Moreover, Sprint’s Galaxy S III is available for a mere $49.99 with a two year contract of course, which is a great deal for a smartphone of its caliber. The Sprint GS3 also comes with a $36 activation fee credit. RadioShack additionally will be offering a $10 cash back for every $50 spent in its online or retail stores.

RadioShack is the place to be right now if you’re thinking of getting the Galaxy S III. Sprint is undoubtedly the more favorable carrier to the customer as evidenced by its cheap discounts. AT&T and Verizon are offering the device for $100 or less. If you want to avoid the perils of standing at a crowded store on Black Friday, RadioShack’s early discount should be of great help. Sadly T-Mobile and U.S Cellular Galaxy S IIIs don’t come under the promotion. The $49.99 price for the smartphone is applicable for new Sprint customers, while the GS3 on other carriers will cost just about the same regardless of an upgrade or new connection, it seems.

The $50 Play Store gift card is the major bonus point for new buyers as they can get books, movies or expensive apps worth that much money, right out of the box. That’s a privilege which most of us cannot brag of. Also, users can get Google Play Store devices for a discount with the gift card, so that’s a huge plus too. We recommend you to place the order right away, before it runs out of stock, which is very likely to happen with Black Friday quickly approaching. Or perhaps, you can wait for Black Friday if you’re looking for better discounts. Either way, the customers are in for a treat this week with deals coming from most retailers. Amazon Wireless is offering the Sprint LG Optimus G for a neat $100 off as we mentioned in an earlier post. So Sprint seems to have gotten into the holiday season mode already. It is expected that other carriers, manufacturers and retailers will follow suit soon.

Source: RadioShack
Via: Phandroid

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