Pocket Warwick Review

Available On: Android, iOS

Price: Free

Download: Google Play | iTunes

Chances are that you have never heard of Pocket Warwick, as its only recently released on iOS, and has just been ported to Android. Pocket Warwick is a game featuring famous British actor Warwick Davis. Now, Pocket Warwick isn’t a game full of action, mind-bending puzzles or anything like that. It is a extremely casual game where you have Warwick Davis as the character you play as. Your job is to make sure he’s entertained, his energy levels are doing well and etc. If you’ve ever played the Sims before, you’ll know exactly what to do almost right away. On top of making sure Warwick’s levels are being maintained, you also have the ability to accept jobs from your agent, which earns you experience and coins to spend in the store.

That’s pretty much the main goal of the game, but that does not mean Pocket Warwick isn’t loaded full of comedic features. Some things you can do with your pocket Warwick is touching his head to grab him and hold him up in the air. That or you can constantly tap his head until you knock him over (the sounds he makes is literally amazing). Keep in mind that by doing this you quickly knock down his happiness levels, which isn’t really a good thing to be doing if you plan on doing jobs from his agent consistently. Another thing you can do with Pocket Warwick is tilt your device to the left or right. This will act as if Warwick’s room is literally turning, thus he will slide down whatever way you are tilting the screen. Little features like these make the game worth it to play.

Overall it’s a very well designed game. I like how doing different things within the game will affect different meters. You’re always in a constant state of trying to keep Warwick maintained, which is what makes the game fun — you constantly have something to do. One thing that I don’t like about Pocket Warwick is how the economy works. Some tasks require that you buy a new piece of clothing or buy a new book to read. Buying those things prepare you for the task, but when you complete the task they don’t give you enough money to reimburse those purchases. That said, most of the time you barely have any coin to do anything with. It makes it extremely hard to upgrade things like your TV, couch or computer desk. Paying 25 coins for something and getting a return of 5 coins just seems a bit odd to me, I guess.

Pocket Warwick is a great game, in fact it was better than what I was expecting after watching an interview with him on the upcoming game. I hope the developers of the title end up giving you a bit more of a reward payout than the measly amount most tasks will give you.

At the end of the day, it is a free game that requires you to purchase absolutely nothing (although micro transactions are an option). You can pick up on either the iTunes store and Google Play.

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