PlayStation 4 Development Kits Shipped Out, Hints At Next-Gen Hardware

Sony has shipped out a second wave of development kits for the PlayStation 4, which has been codenamed “Orbis.” Reports are saying that they started shipping out on Thursday.

A various amount of sources provided VG247 with the news along with some of the hardware specs that users will be able to play in the next-gen PlayStation 4. The second wave of development kits are housed within PC cases and will include a Blu-ray Drive, 8GB to 16GB of RAM, and a 256GB hard drive. Of course, the Blu-Ray drive was inevitable as it has already been put in the PlayStation 3. Another thing that is being hinted at in the PlayStation 4 is that it is all going to be powered by an AMD A10 proccessor that will combine the CPU and graphics processor together on one single chip. Hopefully this will not lead to any overheating issues considering that AMD is known for that.

According to information from internal meetings, Sony’s goal with the PlayStation 4 is to make it powerful enough that the system will have capabilities to run games in 1080p at a whopping 60 frames per second in 3D without any sort of issues. Along with that, how the console interfaces with online play will also be receiving an upgrade from the PlayStation 3. Owners of the new console will reportedly be able to purchase and download DLC during the middle of a game and return without any issues. Definitely an interesting and helpful concept with more multiplayer focused games. The PlayStation 4 will also be running on an always “standby mode,” much like the Wii currently is, so that the new console will be able to receive both system and product updates in the background when you are not using. That way, there are no interruptions during gameplay. Of course, you should take this with a rather large grain of salt. Who knows what could change and happen as Sony progresses forward with development for the system?

The final development kits for the next-gen PlayStation 4 are supposedly going to be released next summer, which is going to be around the same time that Sony will reportedly be unveiling the console at E3 in Los Angeles, Nevada. If we are this close to a PlayStation 4, that is really, really, awesome. In other news, rumors are surfacing that Microsoft plans to release the next-gen Xbox sometime in Fall of 2013. Of course, that could be pushed back further with some recent delays the Redmond-based company has been facing.

Nevertheless, I am very excited that this news has surfaced, though we shouldn’t hold our breaths until this is actually confirmed. Again, this has come from a few different sources, but none of it has been confirmed by Sony.

Until then, I may just have to keep the fanboy in me hidden and remain optimistic about this. Nevertheless, we’ll keep you updated on any further updates surrounding these rumors.

Are you looking forward to the next-gen PlayStation 4 or are you waiting on something from Microsoft to surface officially? Sound off in the comments below!

source: Examiner

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