Over 3 million Note II and 30 million S3 units sold worldwide

South Korean technology titan, Samsung, makes some great devices. Most of its high end devices end up selling really well, and few months back when most of the manufacturers were reporting losses in their operations, Samsung was one among very few manufacturers who managed to report some profits.

Like most of the high end devices which the company manufacturers, recently launched Samsung GALAXY Note II is also a big winner. Samsung’s J.K. Shin had previously said that he aimed at selling 20 million units of the 5.5 inch device within 1 year from the launch, which is double the amount of Samsung GALAXY Note units which Samsung managed to sell. When Samsung launched the original Note phablet, it was criticized a lot saying it wasn’t practical to carry such a huge phone that won’t fit easily in a standard sized pocket, but the company did manage to sell whopping 10 million of these.

Galaxy Note II has been able to attract the same kind of response which the original note experienced and within one month of availability overseas, Samsung has been able to sell more than 3 million units and the numbers are growing as we speak.

Samsung sure is bragging about its success with Galaxy Note II, but it has something more to brag about too. Samsung Galaxy S III, which is Samsung’s Android flagship device for 2012 and a very potent one, still continues to be sold in large numbers. According to Samsung, the sales have crossed 30 million units and the number continues to grow. The success has almost tripled for the company. When Samsung launched the original Samsung Galaxy S, it managed to sell 10 million units in 2011. Earlier this year, Samsung managed to sell 20 million units of the sequel, Samsung Galaxy S II. Galaxy SIII has been available only for 5 months now, so 30 million is pretty impressive, much like the device itself. What’s even more interesting is that according to the Korean manufacturer, four out of the 5 best-selling weeks for the Samsung Galaxy S III came after the launch of the new Apple iPhone 5.

We have seen price of Galaxy SIII dropping over the past few weeks. The on-contract price has come down to as low as $100 at some places and perhaps it would be decreased even further for the upcoming holiday season. Samsung is most probably getting ready its next big thing, possibly the Samsung Galaxy S IV. Several publications have already started speculating Samsung Galaxy S IV, and nobody can stop them from doing that. Galaxy S IV is anticipated to sport a 13MP camera and to be powered by a quad-core Exynos 5450 Cortex A15-based chip.

It was recently reported that Samsung and LG will start manufacturing smartphones with 5 inch 1080p displays. According to SamMobile, we may see a 2GHz quad-core processor being implemented in the S IV. Coupled with a wonderful display, the device will arrive at a pretty radical and aggressive bump up in specs.

Source: Samsung

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