Ouya Will Have Android 4.1 Jelly Bean Upon Launch

The Android game console, the Ouya, is still on its set schedule according to the devs’ latest update for their backer, not only that, but they have confirmed that it will be launching with Android 4.1 Jelly Bean. Of course, with Android 4.2 just announced, it really wouldn’t be surprising to see that sneak in before their planned launch date early next year. Yes, Android 4.2 was just unveiled a couple of days ago, but there is no doubt that the Ouya team would be wanting to get this on their console as soon as possible. Other than that, the Ouya team seems to have been pretty busy with developers these last few months, which is a key part of the process considering the fact that porting high-res games to the big screen and optimizing controls for the Ouya’s hardware will be a key part to its initial success.

That said, they have also outlined a few handy tips for developers in advance of the set launch date in December for the Ouya’s SDK. In example, the gamepad will have a single-finger touchpad along with a button that gives the users system-wide access to shutting down or quitting a game, but none of the more familiar buttons like back or menu. Apps should be ready to run in 720p, 1080p, and 1080i resolutions. Notifications aren’t employed, and all games are going to be free excluding the ads and in-app purchases that devs want to put in their respective games. Lastly, Ouya reminds their developers that the game console has been built for the Tegra, and anyone that wants to get their game optimized for it early should test it with an Nvidia-powered tablet.

I am extremely excited to see what the Ouya team are going to be doing with this new console. While you may not thing the 8 million they earned on Kickstarter is enough, it was just enough for investors to take interest in the company. Hopefully the Ouya will have a lot of titles to launch with. Often, and as you probably know, Android games are really short, so blowing through them will be extremely easy compared to what you might have to work with on other consoles. I personally want to see games like Great Big War Game and The Bard’s Tale optimized for the Ouya, those games specifically would be amazing to see on this upcoming console.

As for the hardware on this bad boy, they’ve got all of their circuit boards printed, and are extremely busy optimizing the software and preparing all of the developer kits for those that backed the project on Kickstarter (they get everything early, as you probably guessed).

We’re definitely getting closer and closer to the launch of the Ouya. Android is really popular, and the fact that their is an Android game console coming has to kindle some interest out there, right?

Anyone back the Ouya when it was in its Kickstarter stages? Are you going to be developing for the console?

source: android central

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