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OpenFeint Shutting Down Their Doors On December 14th

Well isn’t this a surprise? OpenFeint seems to be closing their doors and shutting down their service starting on December 14th. OpenFeint was a cross-platform game platform that allowed developers to integrate leaderboards, achievements and the ability to compete against your friends. It seems that its competitor — Gree — is the one that is shutting down the platform. While all of this is going on, Gree is hoping that developers and users who once used OpenFeint would use their service instead. With it being one of the more popular platforms, it’s a high possibility, but there are plenty of other platforms out there as well. Regardless, I think I can speak for everyone when I say that there won’t be a lot of people sad to see OpenFeint shutdown.

Upon OpenFeint’s shutdown¬†“all OpenFeint network calls will be non-functional.” That, of course, means that nothing will be functional when OpenFeint shuts down on December 14th. Although, the actual shutdown date may be moved further past December 14th, but developers that have this platform integrated into their games are urged to put something else in place. All game information is said to be lost after shutdown, so there will be no getting it back. If developers are wanting to keep all of that information, Gree has advised developers to use their platform ahead of the December 14th shutdown date.

Keep in mind that this shutdown includes iOS users as well. Since it is a cross-platform service, it affects just about everybody in the mobile world that plays games with OpenFeint

Do you think OpenFeint closing is really a big thing despite how many games its integrated in? Are you a developer? Does this affect you in any huge way? Are there other platforms other than OpenFeint and Gree that you would suggest to other developers?

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source: Android Central

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