Only Three Companies Were Profitable Selling Mobile Phones In The Third Quarter

A Twitter post by Horace Dediu sent out a couple of weeks ago claims that only three companies had been profitable in selling mobile phones (smartphones) during this third quarter. According to the tweet, Apple’s share of the global mobile phone profit fell from 66% to 60% during the second quarter. Samsung claimed 39% of profits while HTC managed to reach 1% of profits.

One of Dediu’s followers replied pointing out that LG was also profitable by the slimmest of margins and backed up his point with a link to an article on Engadget (which is also an interesting read). Dediu shrugged that claim off by saying that LG effectively broke even. One follower mentions that Sony also claimed to be profitable as well. Android Authority posted about Sony’s profits earlier this month, which also happens to be an interesting read if you’re interested in the financials of a company. You can read the whole Twitter post by clicking the source link below.

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source: Twitter
via: TalkAndroid

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