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Official Images of the HTC Deluxe Out in the Open


HTC is moving on quite nicely with its flagships with the One X+ and since very recently with the J Butterfly and Droid DNA on Verizon. However, the Droid DNA and the J Butterfly are limited to the U.S and Japan respectively, and we all know that there’s a bigger market elsewhere for the smartphone. It was only a matter of time, we thought, until HTC made a separate global variant available. And around the same time, we heard of the HTC Deluxe, which leaked on Twitter via the ever so reliable @evleaks. It has been bits and pieces since then.

But now, adding more weight to the existence of this global variant is a range of alleged press shots of the device. These images apparently represent the new global flagship, and it will be interesting to see when HTC will launch it offcially. The pictures are clearly taken in a luxurious setting, as it should be for a phone of its caliber. It is expected that HTC will launch the device just in time for the holiday season. The source cites a tipster claiming more information will follow on December 6, so we will be looking forward to that.


If you didn’t know already, the Droid DNA and hopefully the HTC Deluxe (or DLX as it is referred to in some places) features a 5-inch 1080p display with a pixel density of 440ppi, which is a major selling point for the device. As for the rest of its specs, the Droid DNA has been mostly criticized, but it is hoped that HTC will make the required adjustments with the global variant. As this is merely a leak of the device’s press shots, there’s hardly any information beyond that. But since Dec 6 seems to be the date mentioned (which also lines up pretty well with the rumored launch date of the device in Taiwan and China), we have some information to go with.

The smartphone is seen with most of HTC’s typical design elements, from the unibody shell to the three capacitive buttons on the device, it has HTC written all over it. HTC is a company which has set standards for smartphone design, particularly with the One X, and the fans will certainly love this one too. The device comes with Beats Audio branding as well, which is one of the features HTC proudly brags. So a combination of this along with the launch date and price of course will decide the fate of the HTC Deluxe in the global arena. We’ll expect to learn more about the device as the days progress. Keep watching this space for more on the device.




Source: GSM Arena
Via: Android Central

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