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Nokia Maps Updated to Version 3.0, Only Supports Lumia 920/820


Nokia Maps is hands down one of the best Maps applications out there along with Google Maps. With its array of features and offline support, it is something loyalist Nokia Lumia owners can proudly brag about. The fact that it’s exclusive to just Nokia Lumia Windows Phones, tells us a lot about what it means to the company. And the popular app has now been updated for Windows Phone 8 with Nokia Maps 3.0. This isn’t merely an incremental upgrade over the existing version, but comes with a few new features.

Directions have been improved, venue based maps have been added (malls etc) and the UI seems to have been slightly tweaked. These goodies come bundled only if you’re a Lumia 920/820 user mind you, so if you plan on getting the HTC 8X, you might as well forget about these features. That brings us to the sad news. Well, this new update is only for the Windows Phone 8 devices and not for the entire Lumia lineup as one would have imagined. But it is believed that Nokia will have some minor upgrades made to its apps for WP7.x running Lumias.

Along with Nokia Maps, the Finns also updated the Transit/Nokia Transport app. If you haven’t heard of this app before, it basically helps you find the next bus/train/subway near to your location with minute by minute updates. The update to the app comes in handy, helping out Lumia users with their daily commute. So these are the updates Nokia has in store for its users. The company has uploaded a video explaining the functioning of the new Nokia Maps 3.0.

Maps is an area where manufacturers pay much emphasis. Be it Google in its Android operating system or Nokia/Microsoft with the Windows Phone operating system, Maps always has a special place. This is something Apple needs to improve on, in order to sustain in the long run. The Apple Maps fiasco is still being discussed widely around the internet, so one would imagine something different to come from Apple in the forthcoming updates. Let’s hope Apple takes some inspiration from Nokia and Google.

Download the Nokia Maps 3.0 from the Windows Phone Marketplace.

Source: Nokia Conversations
Via: WP Central

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