Nokia Lumia 830 leaked in China

Nokia is making a lot of news these days. Yesterday, AT&T, which happens to be the exclusive carrier for the flagship Nokia Lumia 920 device, made Lumia 920 official with a price tag of $99.99 on 2 years of contract. Apart from Lumia 920, AT&T also made Lumia 820 official at a price point of mere $49.99 on 2 years contract.

Nokia is getting all the ingredients right in order to get back its long lost position in the smartphone industry. Windows Phone 8 and a reasonable price tag will allow the company to achieve what it’s looking for. Windows Phone 7.5 isn’t relevant anymore as devices running it won’t be receiving an upgrade to Windows Phone 8, and Nokia had 4 main Windows Phone 7.5 devices in the market. Yes, it is said that Windows Phone 7.5 devices will be receiving an upgrade to Windows Phone 7.8, but that isn’t exactly what people are looking for. Apart from Lumia 920 and 820, Nokia will be coming with more devices, and this time we have information on Lumia 830 which is in pipeline right now.

Leaks from China suggest that Nokia is planning to launch more Windows Phone 8 Lumia devices in the market. The above leaked picture shows what is claimed to be “Lumia 830”. If the leak is to be believed, Nokia Lumia 830 will be coming in 5 colors and all of them look lovely. You may have thought that Nokia Lumia 820 is the successor of 710 as the new mid-range device in the Lumia lineup, but launch of Lumia 830 will change that because according to the Chinese source, despite the fact that Lumia 830 has a larger model number than the Lumia 820, the 820 seems to be positioned higher than this 830 we are talking about right now.
Here’s how the new Nokia Lumia lineup looks like when compared to the previous generation:

Lumia 610 -> Lumia 510
Lumia 710 -> Lumia 830
Lumia 800 -> Lumia 820
Lumia 900 -> Lumia 920

It does sound weird that 820 and 830 are fighting for the same niche, but that isn’t much surprising as 800 and 900 were in the same state as well. There’s no spec sheet released right now.

There’s another rumor about the 830 and it’s called Nokia Lumia 830 Shark. If you take a look at the above picture which claims to be the Lumia 830 shark, you will see the brushed metal laden rear, polished three curved side design, a 4.6-inch display screen and a 12 megapixel camera. The image doesn’t look very trustable and perhaps is a concept map and not to be taken seriously, but it is still worthy of our attention and is a great concept indeed.

The spy photographs of Lumia 830 look promising enough. Talking of the pricing, it really isn’t clear what price point Nokia is aiming. On AT&T, Lumia 820 is priced at $50 on a 2 year contract and $400 off contract, and since Lumia 830 is placed below the 820, they should be pricing it even lesser. What are your thoughts?

Source: WPCentral