Nexus 7 3G Now Available On Three UK


Three UK has just announced that they are now carrying the HSPA version of Google’s Nexus 7. Starting today, consumers can head on over to Three retail stores to pick up Google’s ASUS-manufactured Nexus 7 tablet. At the time of this writing, the HSPA Nexus 7 can not be found on Three’s website, but we assume it should be available on there shortly.

Three has said that they will be selling the HSPA Nexus 7 with an immediate free of 49.99 on a 19.99 per month contract. That contract is going to include a 5GB monthly data allowance, which seems to be a bit cheaper than what we get here in the United States. When it comes down to hardware, you’re basically looking at the same thing we’ve had since the Nexus 7’s original launch date — stock Jelly Bean, 7-inch display, 32 gigs of storage and etc. Nothing to really goo over, aside from the speedy HSPA/3G speeds.

Since the HSPA Nexus 7 released a couple of weeks ago, it seems like its had a successful run thus far, and things are looking promising for it in the future. Along with the Nexus 4, the HSPA Nexus 7 was briefly sold out on the UK Google Play Store. More stock arrived this Monday, so there’s no more need to worry about not being able to get one, as there isn’t much demand for it as there is for the Nexus 4.

Are you going to be picking up an HSPA version of the Nexus 7?

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source: Android Central

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  1. Looks like a great alternative to the iPad Mini. I would want a version without an attached 3G plan though. I’ll organize that myself.

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