Nexus 4’s Battery Confirmed To Be Easily Accessible and Replaceable

When Google unveiled the successor to the Samsung made Galaxy Nexus, some potential customers were extremely frustrated due to the lack of a removable battery in the Nexus 4. Those who use their phones extensively for work and such during the day were very frustrated because of the reliance on extra batteries to get them through the day. Although, those that were worried about replacing defective or broken batteries should no longer have an issue now. As you can see, there are equally positives as there are negatives.

This actually might not be a huge problem as many people have anticipated it to be. Previously, we were able to see a really good look of what was under the hood of the Nexus 4, and new information is implying that the 2100mAh battery is right under a couple of screws. This means that swapping out a brand new battery for your device isn’t going to require you to tear everything apart like you might see with some other devices out there that are a bit more restrictive. That said, this should really help settle fears of burning out your phone’s battery extremely fast. If you don’t mind taking a screwdriver to your phone, you will find that the battery is extremely easy to replace. Take a look at the image below.

source: talk android

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